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Are you feeling stuck, uninspired, low-spirited, passionless?

I help women through all stages of their lives.


Take a deep breath of air and slowly let it out…hold onto that feeling of relaxation…that’s what it feels like to work with me, as your coach – you will notice no judgment and no underlying agenda. My Coaching is ALL about YOU and what works for YOU in YOUR life – not your sister, your friend, neighbor or co-worker.  


 I offer you a trusting partnership as well as my training, at Duke Integrative Medicine, in behavior change, motivational questioning and deep listening.  We will work on YOUR goals and determine YOUR plan – the one that feels right for YOU.  You will experience amazing possibilities with positivity, accountability and support.

Client Testimonials

Straight From the Source

I never thought about how comprehensive my health was.  How it includes things other than my medical needs but also my spiritual, emotional and physical conditions. The most unexpected result was finding out that I matter too.  Through Petra’s guidance, we used this time to deliberate my feelings on things that were happening in my life.  I found that I had spent most of my time consumed with how my children, my husband, my employer, my friends are impacted by decisions or situations.  Our coaching session time was truly all about my needs and I found that I rarely, consult my needs independent of others.

Meghan M.

Since beginning of my Health Coach sessions with Petra, I’ve realized that when it comes to my health, it’s more than just the physical aspects of health. My health actually encompasses so many other areas I would have never considered. I have been the most surprised and pleased at how Petra helps me identify internal solutions as opposed to offering the solutions for me. Although she is the professional, I feel as if my insight is valued as the expert. I came into health coaching without any expectations. The result that has made me the happiest centers around the work we have done that involves me learning the importance of placing myself as a priority. As a woman, this is often something we overlook at the sake of everyone around us. But I know that when I have my sessions with Petra, I  am the priority and it is making a tremendous change in how I view my life.

Alexis L.

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